Domestic and family lawyer

What is family or domestic violence?

Are you or someone you know exposed to family or domestic violence? Are you suffering from family violence? What is the definition of domestic or family violence, and what can you do about it? Queensland Courts have produced a series of videos that cover all of this and more. Over …

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buying house- Conveyancing lawyer, Brisbane

Choosing a Conveyancer

Tips for ensuring your property transactions go as smoothly as possible Buying a property, either as your own home or as an investment property can be an exciting time. It could be your first home or the dream home you have always wanted. Or are you a property investor looking …

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Property Dispute: Family Lawyer

Separating from your partner – a 7 step guide

The end of a relationship is usually a traumatic and stressful experience. When separating, couples not only need to have arrangements in place for the care of their children but also have to think about separating their assets and property. No matter how straightforward the process may seem to be, …

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Prenup : Family Lawyer

Here are the ten tips for discussing prenup with your fiancé.

A pre-nuptial agreement, now known as a Financial Agreement, is an agreement between two people which sets out how, in the event of the breakdown of the marriage, the property or financial resources of the parties are to be dealt with. It can also set out the terms of the …

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Migration Lawyer and Migration Agent – Some Key Differences

Immigration Law is one of the most complicated areas of law. It involves a very complex piece of legislation, including policy guidelines, Parliamentary directives and approximately 150 visa categories. The legislation is constantly changing and therefore it is extremely important that you obtain proper advice and representation to maximise your …

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Divorce Lawyer

The Post-Separation Roadmap – What to Expect

Relationship breakdowns are traumatic. Lack of knowledge in relation to what lies ahead adds to the anxiety, stress and trauma. At Cornerstone Law Offices we focus on empowering you with information and knowledge to enable you to make informed choices and decisions, moving forward. A four-step process is used to …

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Domestic Violence

Have you been abused or accused of domestic violence?

Domestic violence (DV) affects people from all walks of life. We have either survived it, been accused of it, are going through it, or know of at least one person who has been abused or accused of it. Domestic violence is defined as emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, or economic abuse, …

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Taxes, Duties and Family Law

Taxes, Duties and Family Law Buying a property is a major investment and buying your first property is an exciting milestone. You may be eligible for stamp duty concession. Concessions are available for first homeowners, homeowners, or first home vacant land. You may also be eligible for the Great Start …

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Divorce Lawyer

I don’t want to fight my ex, but I deserve a fair settlement!

The end of a relationship is devastating for both parties. The emotions people go through are similar to experiencing the death of a loved one. The thought of having to deal with your ex in relation to property and children’s matters may make you upset, angry, and bitter. That’s normal. …

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Free Will Review

Where will my hard-earned assets end up when I die?

Does your Will affect your assets? It depends on whether or not you have a valid Will. There are technical requirements for the preparation and signing of a Will for it to be valid. To ensure that your estate, your hard-earned assets, is distributed according to YOUR wishes rather than …

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