Things to expect in Property Settlement Mediation in family law

What to expect in Property Settlement Mediation?

There are many alternatives to resolving family law property settlement disputes, commonly referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution. These include mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. Mediation is the most common ADR method that parties to a family law property matter elect to participate in to try and settle the dispute. The …

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GPS tracking fro Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence in Australia has been recognised as a major public health problem and it affects all people, irrespective of economic, educational, social, geographic or racial background.   Domestic Violence Statistics   Statistics reveal that, on average, at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner in Australia and one in three Australian …


COVID-19 impact on Parenting orders.

COVID-19 Impact on Parenting Orders.

We understand that during these unprecedented times surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, parents are naturally concerned about the safety of their children and how the restrictions will affect their lives and executing parenting orders during COVID-19. Children benefit from structure, routine and consistency. Therefore, as far as possible, parents should ensure …

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tracking device

GPS tracking as a bail condition

As of 31 March, 2018 Queensland courts can now compel a person, accused of committing serious domestic violence offences, to be fitted with a GPS tracking device, as a condition of their bail. This initiative was one of the recommendations of the report entitled, ‘Not Now, Not Ever: Putting an …

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