Cost of Estate Planning

Cost involved in Estate Planning?

Writing your own Will might seem like a cheaper option now; however it can cause problems and end up far more costly for your estate down the track.  For most estate planning matters, we can offer fixed pricing from start to finish.  We keep our fees as low as possible …

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Contesting a Will: Family Provison

Contesting a Will: Family Provision Claim

The validity of a Will can be challenged for a variety of reasons.  The most common reasons are:- A lack of testamentary capacity at the time of making the Will; and Undue influence where someone is pressured to make certain provisions in their Will.  Testamentary capacity is generally having soundness …

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Estate Planning Consultation

Do you need a Lawyer for Estate Planning?

Do you need a lawyer for Estate Planning? Writing your own Will might seem like a cheaper option now; however, it can cause problems and end up far more costly for your estate down the track.  Often handwritten or DIY Wills do not comply with the formal requirements for a …

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Estate Planning Procedure

The Estate Planning Procedure

You should ensure that you have up-to-date estate planning documents in place (Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Health Directive) to ensure that your personal wishes regarding your care and your wishes regarding your assets are upheld.   It is important to ensure your documents are valid, up to date …

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Which is better? Free Will kit or Estate Lawyer

Estate Lawyer vs Free Will kit

Whilst writing your own Will might seem like a cheaper option, it can cause problems and be far more costly for your estate in the long run. Here is the answer for the most asked question “why do I need an Estate Lawyer” or “Estate Lawyer vs Free Will kit”. There are …

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Advance Health Directive

Advance Health Directive & Medical Care

Here is how your advance health directive and Medical Care. Getting older is a part of life that no-one can avoid, so it’s worth thinking about the medical treatment you wish to receive if you lose the capacity to make such a choice for yourself. Who can make decisions regarding your health care? If you have …

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Contest a Will

Contesting or Disputing a Will

HOW TO CONTEST OR DISPUTE A WILL IN QUEENSLAND? There are generally two ways of disputing or contesting a Will: Questioning the validity of the Will; or Proving that there has been an inadequate provision for you under the Will.  QUESTIONING THE VALIDITY OF THE WILL A person may dispute …

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Death to Distribution : Estate Administration

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time for your family.  Here is everything you need to know from death to execution of a Will. Was there a valid Will? When someone passes away, their Will comes into effect to appoint someone as the Executor (also known as …

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Wills during COVID-19

Signing the Will at aged care centre during COVID-19

Most people find the process of writing a Will a difficult one. It’s a time when you have to think about those things you’d rather not; what’s going to happen after you pass away, where will all your belongings go, who will look after your family, how will they cope? …

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