Rental law changes

Queensland Rental Law Changes

Queensland Rental Law Changes: What You Need to Know The Queensland Government has introduced significant changes to the rental laws, aiming to improve the renting experience for both renters and property owners. Here are three key changes you need to know: These changes aim to create a fairer and more …

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Family Law Changes 2024

Changes to the Family Law Act are coming!

Changes to the Family Law Act are coming! From 6 May 2024 there are significant changes to laws relating to children of separated parents. This will not only impact cases yet to be filed in court, but also cases that are currently in court. The only exception is that if …

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A tribute to my mentors, my ‘Rocks’

Hope your 2024 has started with a bang and is progressing well. Can you believe that Easter is around the corner?! 😊 Grief is definitely a thing and a process ☹. People said “Prav, be kind to yourself”. I did not know what that meant, until tears started to roll down …

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police man giving woman an alocohol test

Drink Driving – Know Your Limits

What are the limits? It is an offence in Queensland to drive a motor vehicle whilst being in excess of the legal Blood Alcohol Limit. Police have the right to do a random breath test (RBT) to check to see if you are driving under the limit. If you are …

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Land Tax Changes in Queensland

Queensland Land Tax Changes

There are changes coming to the calculation of land tax in Queensland. However, it’s important to note that no alterations have been made to the existing land tax regulations. Furthermore, we have received information from the Queensland Revenue Office, confirming that they will not be taking interstate landholdings into consideration …

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eConveyancing Did you know that beginning 20 February 2023 the Land Title Regulation 2022 has mandated electronic settlements for required instruments. This means that you will be required to complete this electronically if you are looking to buy or sell property, refinance, enter into a new Mortgage or register a …

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buying off the plan

Buying off the plan

Buying off-the-plan is when you contract to purchase a property which is not built or you are purchasing land that is not yet registered. Without the finished built property to inspect, buyers are reliant on the plans, schedule of inclusions and finishes The main advantage to buying off-the-plan is that …

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Parenting Lawyer- Brisbane

Will I get to see my kids for Christmas?

School holidays can be a stressful time of year for parents who are separated. Are you concerned that the other parent might not allow you to spend time with your children over the holidays? Are you and your former partner arguing about who the children should live or spend time …

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Custody battle

Custody Battle and Mental Health

The realities, the scenarios involving mental health that we navigate through at Cornerstone Law Offices Family law – custody battle John and Jill have separated. They have two children. The children have not spent time with their father or spoken to him for about three months because Jill says John …

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Estate Planning and Mental Health

The realities, the scenarios involving mental health that we navigate through at Cornerstone Law Offices Estate administration and claim on an estate Mary passed away suddenly on Sunday as a result of a massive heart attack. She was in her early 60s. On Tuesday, her husband of five years, Mark, …

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