Updates of first home buyers grant

First Home Owners’ Grant Updates

The Queensland Government has recently altered the First Home Owners’ Grant (FHOG) in order to stimulate Queensland’s COVID-19 economic recovery and ease first home buyers access to the market. If you meet all the eligibility requirements listed below, you may receive $15,000 to buy or build your new home. This grant’s availability extends to houses, units, townhouses, off the plan …

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Things to expect in Property Settlement Mediation in family law

What to expect in Property Settlement Mediation?

There are many alternatives to resolving family law property settlement disputes, commonly referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution. These include mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. Mediation is the most common ADR method that parties to a family law property matter elect to participate in to try and settle the dispute. The …

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What is Conveyancing? and how is it done in Queensland

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing  is the term for the legal processes to transfer the ownership of real property from one person to another. There are usually two stages in a conveyancing transaction: The signing of contracts and Settlement -when ownership passes onto the other person The sale of land is governed by the laws and practices of the jurisdiction in which the land is located. For example, …

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