Advance Health Directive

Advance Health Directive


What is an Advanced Health Directive?

An Advanced Health Directive (AHD) is a document that allows you to make decisions about your health. It is sometimes referred to as a living will. It expresses your preferences for your future health care along with your beliefs, values and goals.

It allows you to make the following decisions:

  • Give specific details about your future health care;
  • Express your known wishes and give health professionals instructions about the treatment you want; and
  • Appoint someone you trust to make decision on your behalf.

Why is an AHD important?

We cannot predict our future and health situation. However, if you have set ideas about how you want to live your life in regards to medical invention and health circumstances it is a good idea to have an AHD. In difficult situations it can be hard for your family and loved ones to decide what course of action is best for you. AHD can alleviate this stress because it expresses what you want to happen even if you cannot communicate it.

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