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Selling Property

selling property


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Like most people, it is a big milestone to sell your home. This can cause a lot of anxiety to ensure you get a good return on your investment within a short amount of time. A conveyancer can help ease the stress and uncertainty that comes with selling property by reviewing a contract of sale before you sign the bottom line. We ensure the property meets council standards, if any planned development could affect the property and if it is being sold at a marketable price.

At Cornerstone Law Offices, our team will legally represent you by:

  • · Engaging in negotiations with the buyer’s solicitors and the Agent.
  • · Keeping you up to date on the legal requirements under the contract.
  • · Drafting necessary documents in preparation for settlement.
  • · Inform you of critical dates; and
  • · Arrange an effortless settlement process by doing all the heaving lifting for you.

·This will guarantee that your legal rights are protected and alleviate the confusion that can occur when dealing with various parties to a transaction.

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