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Legal Drafting and Advice

If the best defence in sport is a good offence, then the best defence in business is a well-drafted contract.

Whether you run a business or just want to put pen to paper, it is best practice to record any agreement in writing. Be it a deed, lease, loan, service agreement, joint venture, co-ownership or any other document, a properly drafted agreement ensures certainty of parties’, rights and obligations of those parties along with defining what happens in the event of a breach.

The best type of agreement is clear, leaves little to no room for ambiguity and doesn’t give rise to disputes, and achieving this result is not so simple. Engaging a Commercial Lawyer to assist in your drafting needs will help ensure that not only is your agreement clear, but perhaps most importantly, that it is enforceable.

On the other hand, if you are entering into an agreement and don’t fully understand the terms, or perhaps you want a second opinion, we can review your agreement and advise you in order for you to understand the full scope of what you are agreeing to.

Whether you are ready to enter into an agreement and need some advice on its terms, or require assistance in drafting legally enforceable documents, the team at Cornerstone Law Offices can help you!

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