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Business Purchase and Sales

The purchase of a business, or indeed the sale of an existing one, is a complex matter that often involves several stakeholders and external factors that need to be considered. Retaining a Commercial Lawyer early in the transaction can prevent costly mistakes and oversights during the initial contract formation.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, the entire transaction revolves around the contract. Therefore, it is critical that the terms of the contract accurately reflect the intent of the parties, while still protecting your interests and giving due consideration to the all-important “what if’s.”

Our team has the necessary expertise to guide you through the complicated commercial landscape of business transactions, assisting with pre-contract negotiations, drafting and formalisation of contracts, due diligence investigations and most importantly, ensuring your transaction reaches completion.

If you are thinking of purchasing or selling an existing business, the team at Cornerstone Law Offices can help you!

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