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Letters of Demand

A letter of demand is a legal document sent by one party to another party of a dispute, putting that party on formal notice. Letters of demand can be a useful tool in resolving a dispute early before it escalates and is often the first step in resolution.

The most common reason for the sending of a letter of demand is for the payment of outstanding monies owed, or for someone to cease and desist from a certain action or behaviour.

A well-drafted letter of demand will set out the parties, background to the dispute, and of course, make a demand for payment or performance, usually within a stipulated timeframe. It is not uncommon for a letter of demand to include a paragraph about what will happen next, should the recipient fail to comply with the demand, and generally speaking, that next step is usually commencing court proceedings.

Given the serious nature of a letter of demand, they should not be sent frivolously or ignored lightly. If you have outstanding debt, or perhaps have received a letter of demand yourself, the team at Cornerstone Law Offices can help you!

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