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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

In both commercial transactions and daily life, conflicts inevitably arise between businesses, landlords, tenants, neighbors, or even strangers. Our team of proficient dispute resolution lawyers specializes in navigating these situations.

We as a firm believe that if litigation can be avoided, it should be. Litigation often brings about undesirable consequences such as prolonged resolution, substantial costs, and strained relationships. Alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and negotiations, are by and far the preferred option for most disputes, and in fact the majority of disputes are resolved without the need to attend court proceedings through some form of dispute resolution.

Through our extensive experience, we understand that no two disputes are identical; each involves various competing issues. While some practitioners spend precious time addressing the minor issues, at Cornerstone Law Offices we waste no time in identifying the key issues at the heart of the dispute and focus on bringing parties together to come up with creative solutions in resolving them. We find our method of cutting through the obscurity and resolving the major aspects of the dispute, often subsequently resolves the minor issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our team has perfected the art of bringing parties together and solving our client’s disputes. If you are currently experiencing a dispute and need assistance resolving it, the team at Cornerstone Law Offices can help you!

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