The Post-Separation Roadmap – What to Expect

Relationship breakdowns are traumatic. Lack of knowledge in relation to what lies ahead adds to the anxiety, stress and trauma. At Cornerstone Law Offices we focus on empowering you with information and knowledge to enable you to make informed choices and decisions, moving forward.

A four-step process is used to determine your property settlement entitlement – the value of the net asset pool available to divide, each party’s financial and non-financial contribution; future needs of the parties; and whether or not the division is just and equitable. Disclosure of all relevant information is critical, as are joint valuation of assets the value of which is in dispute.

Because the courts are so busy, your first date before a judge will be about 8 weeks from the time you file your application. On the first date, the judge will have at least 15 other matters to hear, so you won’t get much “air time”. The judge may only have time to make procedural orders on that date and adjourn the matter to another date to determine significant issues.

Mediation is the most important part of the process. It is a cost-effective way to resolve matters where the parties have control over the outcome, which each can live with, compared to a judge weighing up the evidence and imposing a decision. You can mediate a matter before starting court proceedings or after proceedings have been commenced.

You can trust Cornerstone Law Offices to provide you with solid legal solutions. We walk you through the legal process so it is not overwhelming.


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