Have you been abused or accused of domestic violence?

Domestic violence (DV) affects people from all walks of life. We have either survived it, been accused of it, are going through it, or know of at least one person who has been abused or accused of it. Domestic violence is defined as emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, or economic abuse, coercive and threatening behaviour, controlling or dominating behaviour. Are you also a victim of domestic violence?

If you are being abused or accused of any of these, seek professional help, obtain legal advice and empower yourself with information. Knowledge is power!

An application for a protection order can be made by the police or you, or with the help of a lawyer through the Magistrates Court. You need to prove that an act of domestic violence has occurred and an order is necessary or desirable for your future protection. A temporary order may be made on the first Court date.

As an accused, you can oppose the application (then a Magistrate decides the case), or consent to the order, or consent to an undertaking. It is important to seek legal advice immediately.

If an order is breached, make a complaint to the police. The alleged abuser will be charged with a criminal offence. They can plead guilty or defend the charge, in which case there will be a trial.

Whether you are abused or being accused, Cornerstone provides you with solid legal solutions. We walk you through the legal process so it is not overwhelming.


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