Family Law System-The Reality

Family Law system Reality: Mediation

Over 7000 family law cases have been in the system for more than 18 months to two years around the country. On the direction of the Chief Justice, hundreds of cases were mentioned in the Brisbane Federal Circuit Court over two weeks in August 2021 to give litigants a final opportunity to settle cases through mediation rather than proceed to trial where a Judge would make decisions. 

There aren’t trial dates available before March 2022. Mediation is a critical process in the system which enables parents/spouses/partners to jointly remain in control of the outcome, to end the case sooner, to move on with their lives, rather than have a judge impose a decision in relation to the care arrangements for your children or in relation to financial matters. 

2 weeks, 34 cases, 5 final orders by agreement, others heading to mediation = hectic but successful two weeks for the Family Law Team at Cornerstone Law Offices. 

Our approach to your case:

Frequent Questions Asked by Family Law Client
  • we tell you how it is
  • we don’t sugar-coat our advice to make you feel good
  • we keep you focused to follow the law and process to move your case forward
  • we don’t “play games” of writing unnecessary tit for tat letters and waste your money 
  • we reality test your instructions 
  • we focus on wrapping up cases in a pragmatic way 
  • we keep you focused on your future
  • we give you hope! 

For a no-nonsense, future-focused, child-focused, move your case along to a conclusion, a cost-effective approach, contact us for a first opinion, or a second opinion. 

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