I don’t want to fight my ex, but I deserve a fair settlement!

The end of a relationship is devastating for both parties. The emotions people go through are similar to experiencing the death of a loved one. The thought of having to deal with your ex in relation to property and children’s matters may make you upset, angry, and bitter. That’s normal. The process can be as painful or painless as you and your ex choose it to be. Willing to do fair settlements with your former partner? This blog will help you out.

You can attend mediation with your ex to resolve property settlement matters. Provided that disclosure of all relevant financial matters is given by both parties, valuations are obtained for assets the values of which cannot be agreed on, and parties make a genuine effort at mediation, a settlement can be reached for a just and equitable division of property without the need for lengthy and expensive litigation. Cornerstone’s Principal Lawyer is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and can mediate your parenting and/or property matters.

A just and equitable agreement can be formalised by filing an Application for Consent Orders with the Court or by way of a Financial Agreement. A Financial Agreement is binding only if the legislative requirements are met. Our Principal Lawyer has extensive experience with representing clients in Family Law matters including drafting Financial Agreements and has had a Financial Agreement set aside last year.

Cornerstone provides you with solid legal solutions and we walk you through the legal process so that it is clear and not overwhelming.


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