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Callum Purvis


About Callum

Callum was admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2019 and practices in the areas of Commercial and Civil Law. Callum’s day-to-day ranges from contract production, litigation, mid-market commercial transaction including, sales, purchases, and M&A, drafting and advising on commercial documents such as leases, Partnership agreements, construction contracts and letters of demand.

Before beginning his legal career, Callum worked primarily in the construction industry, specializing in the negotiation, production and administration of, commercial contracts. During Callum’s time in this industry, he oversaw million-dollar projects and has first-hand experience in how to successfully navigate a commercial transaction, as well as the pitfalls that lead to disputes and end in litigation. These experiences have given Callum a unique perspective when it comes to analyzing and addressing the key issues faced by his clients.

Callum prides himself on his attention to detail and analytical approach to problem-solving, always considering the next ‘what if’. He has a true appreciation for the lawyer-client relationship and believes that hard work, integrity and passion, are the keys to success, and he strives to ingrain these values in his approach to practicing law. When he isn’t working, Callum favors relaxing at home, cooking with the family and the never-ending process of renovating


  • Bachelor of Justice
  • Bachelor of Law (Honours)
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Admitted to Practice, Supreme Court of Queensland